Monday, 30 June 2014

Project Ace

Choose an essay question from the list below. This question should be one of your pet topics. Write an essay which will score a Band 1 mark (27 to 30 marks) or at least a mark that is 2 bands higher than what you would normally obtain. This essay should represent your best effort, done without the constraint of time.

1.     To allow students to consolidate content and skills without the pressure of time constraint.
2.     To allow students to explore and attain excellence in writing without the pressure of time constraint.

1.     Decide your own personal and specific learning objectives before you begin. Some examples of personal objectives are:
(a)  I know all the points for this essay (checked and sure that they are correct). I want to see if I can write in the correct examples and score well for this essay.
(b)  I know all the examples for this essay (quite sure that they are correct). I want to see if I can structure clear arguments around these examples and score well.
(c)  Combination of both (a) and (b)
(d)  I want to improve on an existing area of weakness.
(e)  I want to apply what I have learnt about <any other skill>.

2.     Your essay must be typed written in Arial Font, Font size 11. Your line spacing should be 1.5 and you should have a margin of 2.5cm all around. Leave a blank line when you start a new paragraph.

3.     Copy the question and state the source of your question.

4.     Use the 5-Finger/ R.I.P Approach to plan your essay. You are required to submit your plan with your essay. Essays without plans will not be marked.

5.     Do your own spelling and grammar checks before submitting your work. You are encouraged to use the software “Grammarly” for this purpose. Revise your writing to ensure what you submit is your best effort. You are encouraged to get a peer to read your work and give you comments for improvement.

6.     Your essay must not be longer than 500 words as it would be unrealistic to write a long and coherent essay under exam conditions.

7.     You are required to print your essay for submission. You are reminded to ensure that you have written your name and class before submitting your work. The deadline for submission is 4 July (Friday). Late work will not be marked. EL Rep, please collect and submit as a class with the class list to my mail slot 

List of essay questions (Choose one from this list)

1.     Parents often believe it is better to be safe than sorry. Do you consider young people to be too protected? (Cam 2013)

2.     ‘The way we dress reveals who we are.’ What are your views? (Cam 2013)

3.     ‘The use of motorcars is the greatest threat to the environment.’ Do you agree? (Cam 2012)

4.     “It is better never to borrow or lend money.” What are your views on this advice? (Cam 2011)

5.     Some people say that the Internet does more harm than good. What is your view? (Cam 2010)

6.     Given the limited land available in Singapore, is it wise to set aside some areas as nature reserves? (Cam 2006)

7.     Should the media be completely free? (Adapted A-level question)

8.     Discuss the problems and benefits of hosting major sporting events. (Adapted A-level question)

9.     “People who venture out of their comfort zones are foolish.” Do you agree? (Crescent Girls’ School Prelim 2013)
10.  “Singapore has turned into an intolerant nation.” Do you agree? (St Theresa’s Convent Prelim 2013)

11.  “Putting the past behind us is not always a good thing.” In your opinion, is this true? (St Theresa’s Convent Prelim 2013)

12.  ‘Modern technology gives us hope for the future.’ What are your views? (Gan Eng Seng School Prelim 2013)

13.  “Everyone has a part to play in saving our world.” Do you agree? (St Andrew’s School Prelim 2013)

14.  Are zoos a way to ensure preservation of animals or are they a form of animal cruelty? Discuss.

15.  Technological advances have hindered instead of aided communication. Do you agree?

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